Raspberry Pi Mouse

Raspberry pi mouse is small wheel robot as mobile platform robot using Raspberry Pi.
It has original device driver to use in Raspbian and Ubuntu14.04.
You can use for ROS starter kit.

What’s New?
Raspberry Pi mouse V2 is released on 20th Jun. 2016.


Raspberry Pi mouse has series article in Nikkei Linux(Japanese only)

RaspberryPiMouse FaceBook page


  • Simple Mobile Robot
  • Device driver becomes to use multi software development environment.
  • You can develop AI with Raspberry pi and robot
  • You can drive the robot by ROS(※1)
  • shell script OK(※2)
  • Battery is Lipo
  • You also participate in Micromouose contest
  • Open source hardware
  • Board Available: RaspberryPi3 Model B, Raspberry Pi 2 Model B+

※1 ROS(Robot Operating System) middleware for robot control. ROS is open source. It is loved many researchers in robotics field.There is communication space wiki.

※2 Device driver released by our company. You can use shell script like “$echo 1 >/dev/rtled0” to led on. The available OS is Linux (Raspbian and Ubuntu) C++、JAVA and so on.


Source code Nikkei Linux series article(GitHub)

device driver(GitHub)

kernel version is 4.4.13

Pls check how to use by C++

Prof.Ohara share RT middleware of this robot.(Raspberry Pi2)
RT middleware source(GitHub)

How to install ROS to Raspberry Pi 3(Github)

Payload test.


Raspberry Pi Mouse V2(W/O Raspberry Pi3)   JPY48,600.-


  • Robot 1ea
  • Lipo battery 1 ea (w/o battery charger, you must buy separately)

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Raspberry Pi Mouse V2 full kit  JPY71,280.-(including tax)


  • Robot 1ea
  • Lipo battery 1 ea (w/o battery charger, you must buy separately)
  • Raspberry Pi 3 B
  • microSDHC 16GB(OS, including device driver)
  • battery Charger for Japan/US
  • Cable for AC adapter

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Please feel free to ask.


Battery Charger LBC-010(AC adapter/cable) JPY6,500.-(tax including)


LiPo battery charger LBC-010 and AC adapter(12V5A)、VH3 pin connect cable.

RaspberryPi mouse camera mount