About MicroMouse

Micro Mouse Competition

Micro Mouse Competition

Micromouse is robot competition of time to solve the maze with robot. Micromouse is the oldest competition in Japan. Original micromouse competition has been started in 1985 in USA, IEEE.

Micromouse competition has 2 leagues, Classic size competition and Half size competition. Classic competition uses 1 cell to be 18x18cm and 16×16 maze. Half size uses 9x9cm and 16×16, but final of competition uses 32×32.
Each of competition puts start on left corner of maze. Goal must be center for Classic size, but half size are decided before competition.

Micromouse must be solved by itself. Autonomous robot must be used for these competition.
Mainly, wheeled robot are used for these competition, but you can see many types of robot depending on site.

Micromouse maze solving algorithms are shown basic idea of artificial intelligence.
You can learn electrical PCB design, mechanics, AI, computer science with Micromouse

Micromouse competitors get jobs of engineer. We have many top engineers. The micromouse is admiration of the engineers.