Pi:Co Half

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Pi:Co Half

Pi:Co Half kit is developed for half size micromouse.
Pi:Co half has 2 geared DC motors, 4 infra-red sensors and CPU SH7125.
Pi:Co Half is assembled delivery.

Text of Pi:Co Half describes technical skills to step up for micromouse middle users.

Each modules are replaced with your own designed board. All of circuit are opened in text.
You can learn to read sensors, to drive motors and algorithm to solve maze.

Size: 60x52x45cm
Weight: about 120g
DOF: 2
Controller: SH7125F
Sensors: Infrared sensors
Software development: HEW (Windows)
Motors: DC geared motor

Pi:Co Half Starter kit \99,750JPY(including tax)

Pi:Co Half x 1
Battery 7.4V400mAh x 1
Battery Charger x 1
miniUSB cable x 1
CD-ROM(Manual, Software Development kit, Sample Source Code) x1
Case x 1

4×4 Maze + Pi:Co Half Starter kit \109,750JPY(including tax)

Pi:Co Half Starter kit x 1
Maze base (4×4) x1
Wall& Poles 25 set